We just had a hot meal in the most civilised Wetherspoons on the planet, which was nice enough. It was good not to be eating another hoummous sandwich. I’m grateful to Matthew for making them though. Our van is broken. The exhaust wants to get on the floor, the prick. We took it to the garage and a man hoisted it up dead high and looked at it and shook his head a bit so we’re going to have to buy a new exhaust tomorrow. It was dead funny seeing the van so high up though. Looked like it was well enjoying it. We’re in Cardiff waiting to play show number 5 on the tour. Birmingham last night was completely fuck-off awesome. It sold out and everyone went off their heads which was decent of them. Fucking load-out was monsterous though. Through a bar fraught with staff and down 4 flights of stairs. We were racked with pain this morning, but that’s fine. I slept in a conservatory and felt like I was being microwaved when I woke up.

I’m off to sell some merch to Wales.