You know we did, we really did.

Dear Blogosphere,

I’m writing this entry right now because our brand new site is about to go LIVE and I wanted there to be some words on our new blog for when people (like you, for example) clicked on the blog link in our navigation bar. So here it is – our new blog. I’m sorry the colours are so awful, but I couldn’t figure out how to alter them. The Internet is far too complex for my brain to tame.

We’ve been playing shows, kids. Despite having a quiet festival season, we’ve been lucky enough to grace the stages of Offset and Leeds festival over the last couple of weekends. Thanks to all of you who braved the rain and showed up in large numbers to cheer, jeer and heckle – we had a totally decent time. We also played a show on a beach in Bourgas, Bulgaria and stayed out there for a whole week. We shot pool, played 3000 games of Blackjack and went for a drunken swim in the warm Black Sea in the dead of night.

However, my favourite two shows of the summer occurred here in the great Northwest. Firstly, we played a Tribute to Green Day’s Dookie gig where each band (10 in all) had to cover a song from the record and play as many of their own songs in 10 minutes. We played Longview and Welcome to Paradise and managed to squeeze in two of our own. When you’re 27, there’s nothing like a few Green Day songs to make you feel 14 again. Secondly, we played a show in New Brighton’s Vale Park with Voo, SSS and FRANK SIDEBOTTOM.

You know we did. We really did.

The bands played underneath a wonderfully ornate Victorian Bandstand to punters stationed in matching green and white deck chairs. Frank Sidebottom was too funny, as was SSS’s Foxy when he hosted a game of Thrash Musical Chairs for the kids (and Frank). Hopefully some videos of the latter event will be posted up on Youtube soon so I can share them with you. Why does Frank Sidebottom never mention John Lennon when he talks about The Beatles? Can anyone answer that?

I think thats all for now I think. Listen to the new Slow Club EP. It’s brilliant. Out on Moshi Moshi Records TODAY.