Hey the kids.

Look at the weather! Have you seen it? It looks a little bit like THE SUMMER.

We are playing some shows! We have played some shows! Three out of four of those shows have been with/will be with JOAN OF ARC who as some of you may know are a completely AWESOME band and part of the reason why HOT CLUB DE PARIS exist.

Thanks to those of you who turned out to see us and them and Johnny Foreigner at Fighting Cocks in Kingston last week. We had as much fun as we always do in Kingston.

Thanks to those of you who came to see us, The Heebie Jeebies, Blacklisters and that other band that sounded a bit like DOG EAT DOG at the Harley in Sheffield on Sunday.

Tomorrow (THURSDAY 4th JUNE) we are playing with JOAN OF ARC again at the Independent in SUNDERLAND. As some of you Sunderland kids know, we swerved our last show there, which is something we hardly do. Sorry about that. But we’re back! TOMORROW! SRSLY.

And then on Friday we play with JOAN OF ARC and SHIELD YOUR EYES in our hometown of Liverpool at the Kazimier. I think this one might be one of the best Liverpool shows ever, so be there.

Just think, it might be as good as the first time Mates of State dropped jaws at the Slaughterhouse, or when the original line up of Dananananananananaykroyd destroyed Korova, or seeing Minus the Bear get their knickers in a twist at Heaven and Hell whilst Broomo from Walk the Plank played his guitar upstairs, dressed as a pretty convincing Rocky. It might be as good as the Down and Outs first ever show or when Architecture in Helsinki delivered the goods at the Masque, or when Enablers stormed through their journey on the hottest day of the year sometime during the 24/7 days. It might be as good as Lungfish! Municipal Waste! The Wow when the Magnet was tiny!

Just as a side note; Remember when you used to be able to watch a Deep Elm band everyday of the week?