The Brownest Hands on the Block and TOUR!

Joe Tucker (who married his partner in crime Ruth Smith at the weekend – MASS CONGRATULATION) and I spent some time in London a couple of weeks ago to make this video for our next single My Little Haunting. The premise was that our hands would dance with a planchette over a number of Hot Club de Paris Ouija Boards in different costumes around various props. When we got to the last board, which was a pink and red number, we applied fake tan and attached fake fingernails to our finger tips so that it looked like our hands belonged to women (I should have probably shaved mine). We put on this fake tan and it was well shit. Our hands didn’t even go brown. We decided to score some instant fake tan from the Boots on Oxford Street. It was far too expensive so we squeezed out the contents of the tube into our hands and left the shop, rubbing it into our hands as we went. We shot the scene, washed off the tan and removed the finger nails (the latter activity being particularly grim) and packed up the gear. About an hour later our hands started to get darker and darker. It was well vile. I only just managed to get it off in time for the wedding and have since learnt a valuable lesson about fake tan: It’s disgusting and will make you look disgusting until it washes off your disgusting body. And here is the video:

Crumbs kids, we go on tour again on Wednesday. I didn’t think I was all that excited but I’ve just realised that I am. Our touring in support of our new record has been so sporadic in comparison to the last album but that’s about to change. We’ll be on tour for the next two months and it’s sure to rule. We’re revisiting some old haunts as well as spending some time in some new places so please come say hello. Unfortunately Elle Milano have had to pull out of the tour, so we apologise for that. It would have been awesome. However, we’ll be stepping out with Sky Larkin, Copy Haho, and Tellison amongst others so please get involved. Party hard. Hooray for the road. Let’s go.