Swindon Travelodge. School Show. Tired…

I just remembered the other day that when Graham of rock band Voo and I were doing our club night (GLORY NIGHT) at Korova, some proper little fuck-end foppish student came up halfway through our set (WHICH WAS AWESOME) and he’d typed out this little twatty message into his phone which said ‘You are inherently rubbish’ (which I guess is an inherently rubbish thing to do for no reason). He showed it to me and then legged it out of the bar like a LITTLE GIRL in a TINY pink dress. I hope he comes to the next one so I can dismantle his frail mess of a body with my muscular frame.

ANYWAY. We just played Petersfield School, which was fairly mad. There were loads of parents there with their kids and it felt a bit like we were compering a PTA meeting.

I’m writing this from a Travel Lodge room in Swindon, which isn’t as depressing as you’d think. Matthew and Al are watching Devil’s Advocate LIVE on the televison set. We’re eating Chinese food and drinking cider. I’m considering bedtime. We just played a venue called 12 Bar, which has been one of the nice suprises of the tour. It was strangely busy and everyone flung appreciation at us. There was a fake Johnny Rotten there who had Hitler’s Speech as a ringtone on his phone. That’s pretty prickish. I liked the support band, The Alfonz, because they reminded me of I Should Coco by Supergrass.

Tomorrow night is Brighton. Fucking love Brighton.