Swedish Wood.

Hi all, we’re excited to be playing in Sweden on Saturday! Gonna totally stuff my face in with amazing sweets that you get on riders in Europe. After that we have Berlin and Madrid still to go.

Apologies again to anyone that was involved with or wanted to come to the show in Brussels. A combination of Al’s wrist being goosed anyway, and the payment not coming through quick enough for us to get flights, conspired against us. It’s really hard to make European shows work financially when you’re flying out for a one off. We try our best to make £0.00 pounds out of them but we often end up losing a bit of money. When that money creeps into the hundreds, we just can’t do it as it’d cripple us financially.

We’re currently finishing off the album. The mics are set up and waiting in the studio for us, but they’ll have to wait a little longer as we’re going to be printing Frankie and The Heartstrings merch this week. The NME say he’s like Morrisey with Rollins neck veins, but we say that he’s like the nicest guy in rock music and an all round good EGG. If you want us to make YOUR shirts, e mail intheroomprintco@gmail.com. Joan of Arc, Lost Art, Married to the Sea and many others are all satisfied customers.

Matthew x

I’m selling one of my guitars on e bay if anyone’s in a need of a new fender strat..