Rough Beats Festival


Sorry for the usual lack of updates. We’re too busy being punks and fighting the system to worry about our online preseence and social networking ettiquiete. Currently getting ready for the Joan of Arc tour in June/July and printing the shit out of hundreds of T shirts for Rough Beats festival.

Rough Beats is this weekend in Yorkshire for anyone that lives around those ways, or feels like travelling to those ways.There’s us, Chrome Hoof, Outfit and a bunch of other awesome bands playing it. Most of all, it’s nice. It’s a nice festival full of nice people. Nobody takes a zillion pills and sets the bins on fire. Everyone has a nice time and is excellent to eachother. We thoroughly recommend you coming. This will be our second year and we’re looking forward to it.

More musical related updates coming soon. We’ve just built ourselves a new workshop so we should have a bit more time on our hands to make rock and roll.