Picks from Live at Dead Lake on Myspace, new music and January.

Hot friends,

We’re writing our third record right now. It’s going great and we’re still nice to each other. We have a kettle and chug bottomless teas. We’ve been pointing microphones at ourselves and bringing packed lunches. Today, Alasdair had sandwiches, I ate last night‘s green lentil spaghetti and Matthew brought in some pasta he cooked yesterday. He told me more than once that it was the nicest thing he’d ever eaten.

In other news, I have uploaded 4 new songs to the Myspace player. They’re not totally brand new, per se. They’re from our 2nd studio album Live at Dead Lake (2008), but they’ve never been on the player before and some of you may not have heard them so I feel I’m well within my rights to use the term ‘new’.

The songs added are:

I Wasn’t Being Heartless When I Said Your Favourite Song Lacked Heart, Boy Awaits Return of The Runaway Girl, Let Go of Everything and For the Parties Past and Present.

You’re welcome to like them, if you wanna.

Seriously guys, I caught a faint glimmer of springtime on the breeze this afternoon. Hold on, hope.

Love Paul.