Ever wanted to know what a new Hot Club de Paris website looks like? Here it is. Feel your dream come true. Get it all up in your eyes. Download us to your mousemat. We still have stuff to sort out, (like A SHOP where you can buy T-SHIRTS and other objects that will say HOT CLUB DE PARIS on them) but I’m sure you can use what we’ve made to gather contemporary information on our rock band. And, total severe thanks in the direction of internet fan Samuel Cotterall for building this for us. Looks like all that server admin paid off, huh? Well Sam, now it’s time to PARTY.

So what is happening right now? On Monday we put out a 10″ record entitled The Rise and Inevitable Fall of The High School Suicide Cluster Band. Visit your local record shop to get a copy, and who knows, you might get one of five GOLD records that will entitle you to a free lifetime subscription to all future Moshi Moshi Records releases. Seriously, that involves a dick-load of amazing music for the rest of your life.

We decided that one of the songs from the new EP should have a video and it was so. Joseph Tucker directed, Liam Iandoli shot, Heather Pepperminta loaned us her AWESOME flat and we dicked around in it for a couple of days, then tidied it up before she came home. Many thanks to all three of you in helping us out.

Here is the video for our latest single Free the Pterodactyl 3:

We also have a massive UK tour kicking off on the 2nd June with a few one-offs before hand. Take a look at the shows section, come say hi when we flounce through your town.