Liverpool on Friday and contemporary internet usage


We’re playing a show in Korova in Liverpool on Friday. It’s a fiver. It starts about 9pm. Possibly a little earlier. It’s Alasdair’s birthday. My friend is making cookies. We’re playing new songs. We have some MERCH. There are plenty of full-colour posters for you to steal, you fucking penny-and-dime cheapskates. Come, party, get wild upon the wilderness.


We did this thing called “SIGNING UP TO TWITTER.”

Is it any good? I keep reading about it in the weekend Guardian supplement whilst wishing that Birchill was still the columnist. BRING BACK BIRCHILL! Maybe I could update our new Twitter account with that very sentence, along with copy and pasting these paragraphs into our myspace blog, facebook, blogspot, bebo, friendster, faceparty and news page of our website.

So yeah, come read brief sentences that we think of and add us or whatever:

I hope you’re all well.