Happy New One…

Many, many, many thanks right at those of you who came to party with us at Korova last night. We had a well decent time and hope you did too. We played a bunch of covers as well as a handful of our own stuff.
For those who missed it, we played these songs:

Auld Lang Syne
Ruby Soho – Rancid
Squirell Song – Shellac
Where Eagles Dare – Misfits
Working – Cock Sparrer (sung by Magill of SSS and Down and Outs)
Call Me Al – Paul Simon
Sweet Leaf – Sabbath

Maybe we’ll record some of them for the sake of FUN. Thanks also to all the bands (My Amiga, Voo, 28 Costumes, Married to the Sea, Bells for Rene, House that Jack Built) and all the decent folk at Korova for making the party a totally successful one.

NB: If you lose your phone battery on the floor at a really busy gig, do not expect the band to stop the show to ask an audience of hundreds of pissed-up party heads to look for it. And, when you don’t get your own way, don’t be a complete dickhead and kick over the microphone stand and storm off in a childish huff.

Happy New year everyone. I hope your 2009 delivers the goods.