European Shows, Printing T Shirts and New Records.

I have various items of information that we probably could/should have told you about sooner, or even in more digestible chunks. Sorry for the total lack of updates, we’ve been busy. Busy and poor being punks making punk rock decisions to help us make more records but I’ll get back to that shortly,

First of all I want to tell you we’re doing some shows in Europe in January, February and March. It’s going to be a series of one offs, which sucks for those who wanted regional shows, but it’s the only way we can make it work at the moment. We’ll try to get some more booked in and let you know as soon as possible

22nd Belgium, Brussels, Rotonde
29th Sweden, Stockholm, Debaser

18th Germany, Berlin, Magnet Club

10th Spain, Madrid, Sala Sol

We’re getting to do the shows because the two records we put out this year in the UK are coming out in Europe as a compilation record called “Free The Pterodactyl Three”. You can click here to pre-order it. For those in the UK that want both 10”s on convenient CD format, you can get it on import in a few places but it’s not getting a proper release because we already put all those songs out over here.

We’ve also started making T shirts for bands, punks, skate shops, coffee shops and anyone else who wants them. We made all the shirts for the last Joan of Arc European Tour, loads of Mackie’s stuff for Lost Art skate shop as well as Married to the Sea, Mugstar, Sailors Grave, May 68 and a bunch of others. Get in touch if you need anything making and we’ll send you over a price list.

We’ve still got new year and the annual excursion to the Liverpool Everyman pantomime to go, but after that we’re going to get cracking on the 4th Hot Club album. It’s so nearly done and has been for ages but we’ve been super busy being grown ups starting a business. Thanks to everyone who bought a record, mp3, ticket or made a T shirt order this last year.

Matthew x