At Home, Holmes/Shop Club de Paris

So, we did a UK legger for nearing 5 weeks and it was good and we were happy when you all came to the shows and sang along and pumped your fists in and out of time. We have the odd one off show/festival to play but it looks as though this summer will be dedicated to the writing and recording of our third record.

Come October, we’ll be releasing a CD compilation of our two EPs that we released this year (With Days Like This As Cheap As Chewing Gum, Why Would Anyone Want To Work? and The Rise And Inevitable Fall Of The High School Suicide Cluster Band) in Europe. This looks like it might mean a trans-Euro jaunt, which just so happens to be our favourite kind of jaunt. Anyway, you’ll be kept totally posted via here.

I should also point out that our t-shirt shop has finally gone live, allowing (for the first time) you to buy Hot Club de Paris t-shirts online in the comfort of your own home/internet cafe/school/university/retirement home, rather than having to collar one of us at a gig. We currently have two t-shirts for sale; Katey Harvey’s wonderful Sleep Club de Paris design in black and orange and the infamous Hot Club de Springsteen shirt, featuring an insanely beautiful illustration by our pal Mel Knott. Sidle over to the shop in the left hand navigation and bag yourself some threads, champ.

Ok, seak spoon.